City of Bakersfield steps in to save family's tree


More than a month since the start of the Tuxtun widening project in central Bakersfield, one homeowner launched a plea Friday to save a family heirloom.

Stephanie Lintel inherited her home along Truxtun Avenue, near Olive Street, after it had been in the family for three generations. Her grandfather planted a juniper tree outside the front that has stood there for decades.

Now, the tree is in the line of destruction by the widening project. Lintel said she's trying to save the tree.

"It's a family legacy," Lintel said. "It came from WWII. My grandfather brought it back from Japan. He wanted to give it to my grandmother as a gift. When they decided to buy this home, they decided they wanted to plant it here."

After Eyewitness News looked into her story, two donors stepped up to cover the cost of moving the tree.

J's Garden was going to step in to help Lintel, but then the city said it would move the tree for her.

"It means a lot more to me than just a tree, and I honestly hope it means a lot to the veterans, as well," Lintel said.

Eyewitness News has not yet received word on when the tree will be transported, but Lintel has a two-week deadline to move it.

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