Commencement tickets: Students sell online to eager classmates


Graduation season is here, and the annual scramble by students is on to find enough tickets for family and friends.

California State University, Bakersfield gives students seven free tickets.

After the registration deadline on April 29, students were expecting an email to see if there were more tickets available. However, there were none.

CSUB students are now making money by selling their extra tickets on social media.

"We believe it's unethical to really take free tickets and try to make money from it," said CSUB spokesman Michael Lukens.

This isn't uncommon. All across the nation, students take to sites like Craigslist to sell tickets, sometimes for hundred of dollars.

"It's against the spirit of what we are trying to do, and there are potential ramifications when it comes to student conduct policies," said Lukens.

Still, many students say it's worth the risk.

"Seven tickets isn't really fair, because a lot of people have big families, and it's a big thing to celebrate," said CSUB junior Kirstie Park.

Past graduates say a limit on tickets is the right move.

"It was crowded, and it did get packed on both sides, so I think it's a good thing," said CSUB graduate David Gonzalez.

CSUB's undergraduate commencement is this Friday starting at 8 a.m. on CSUB's Main Soccer Field.

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