Community groups call for an end to violence after children shot


For the second time in a year, a shooting has claimed the life of a small child.

Major Sutton, 3, was killed Friday night when someone busted into his family's home and opened fire.

The second tragedy took place earlier this year when a drive-by shooting killed 5-year-old Kayson Guyton.

Faheemah Salahud-din is with the grassroots organization First and Always Melanin.

"In order for us to get back to a space where people feel safe in their neighborhood, we have to police our own neighborhoods, and what I mean by that is really ban together and look out for each other," said Salahud-din.

Salahud-din has two children of her own and said stopping violence all starts with looking out for your neighbors.

Salahud-din is not alone in her feelings towards ending community violence. Wesley Davis is close friends with the family and was distraught when he learned what happened.

"Being a parent of a 16-year-old child that was murdered, we need to get involved and stay involved and be involved at all times," said Davis.

Joey Williams with Faith in Kern said investing resources is also a means to finding a solution to end the violence in our community.

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