Community teams train for natural disasters


A disaster can strike at any time and in any place. That is why the CERT held training over the weekend.

Community Emergency Response Teams are using the offseason for learning new life-saving techniques.

"The idea is that something very bad has happened, and you have to take a survivor's mentality, figure out how to help yourself then your neighbors," said Jeannie Taylor.

The Search and Rescue in Community Disasters course provides training for community members to safely conduct search and light rescue response to aid their family and neighbors in the immediate aftermath of a natural catastrophe, technological accident or human-caused incident.

"Where I live in the Kern River Valley, we have three fire stations with three firefighters per station," said Craig Hayes. "Our biggest hazard is if we have an earthquake, we don't know if those firefighters are going to become victims themselves."

The CERT classes are made up of volunteers and community members, along with retired and current firefighters and EMT.

The teams learned techniques like cribbing, which creates a mechanism to carrying heavy objects. Also, hailing which involves everyone calling out in unison to notify a person that you are in the area.

For more information on how you can join, you can visit

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