Congressman McCarthy awards local student and teachers

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy awards a group of students with the 2017 23rd Congressional District of California Merit Award on Thursday, May 11, 2017, in Bakersfield, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX photo/Hanna Battah)

    Some Kern County students and teachers were honored Thursday night for their excellence in the classroom.

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy presented the 23rd Congressional District of California Merit Award.

    “The award embodies superior academic achievement while also recognizing positive values students and educators represent every day," McCarthy said in a press release. "This event offers our community the opportunity to honor this year’s recipients that inspire the continued advancement of academic success at all levels of education.”

    The following students were given the 2017 Merit Award:

    • Caleb Pollema - Bakersfield Christian High School
    • Ryan Crowley – Bakersfield High School
    • Grant Fidler – Centennial High School
    • Denise Lopez Sosa – East Bakersfield High School
    • Deysi Herrera Guzman – Foothill High School
    • Ryan Wakefield – Frontier High School
    • Patrick Burke – Garces Memorial High School
    • Daniel Tweedy – Highland High School
    • Spencer Glazer – Independence High School
    • Makaylah Niederriter – Kern Valley High School
    • Sydney Cullen – Liberty High School
    • Alfonso Jimenez – Maricopa High School
    • Steven Garcia– North High School
    • Elizabeth Reyes – Ridgeview High School
    • Clayton Nalesnik – Stockdale High School
    • Samuel Barnes – Taft Union High School
    • Emerson Fisher – Tehachapi High School
    • Grace Martinez – West High School

    The 2017 Inspirational High School Educator Award for teachers was given to:

    • Mr. James Sutherland - Bakersfield Christian High School
    • Ms. Griselda Sanchez – Bakersfield High School
    • Mrs. Luisa Forter – Centennial High School
    • Mrs. Noelle Combs – East Bakersfield High School
    • Mrs. Anna Guitron – Foothill High School
    • Mrs. Cathy Adams – Frontier High School
    • Mr. Bill Workman – Garces Memorial High School
    • Ms. Joanne Barrick – Highland High School
    • Mrs. Claudia Walsh – Independence High School
    • Mrs. Emily Keverline – Kern Valley High School
    • Mrs. Ashley Bocanegra – Liberty High School
    • Mr. Jared Bradford – Maricopa High School
    • Mrs. Danielle Farrell – North High School
    • Mrs. Carol Holland – Ridgeview High School
    • Mrs. Lea MacLean – Stockdale High School
    • Mrs. Caroline Schoneweis – Taft Union High School
    • Mr. Adam Whittier – Tehachapi High School
    • Mrs. Angela Jenkins – West High School

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