Coping with grief during the holidays

Photo: Jill Wellington via MGN

As we move into the holidays, we are often bombarded with songs telling you how merry the season is.

However, there are many out there who may be battling a swarm of emotions with lots of grief.

Ellen Eggert with Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services said there are healthy ways to cope with a loss.

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"During the holidays, I like to encourage people to maybe change it up a bit," said Eggert. "These ... milestones are always the hardest, and in our minds we always work them up in anticipation."

Eggert said it is important to be inclusive of others.

"If you know someone is going to be alone, invite them ... They have to decide what they want to do, but check on them," said Egggert.

Health professionals say one of the most important things is acknowledging the pain and embracing the emotions.

"You don't get over a loss, you go through it," said Egggert.

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