Court documents reveal wife lived in fear of shooter

    Javier Casarez, who the Kern County Sheriff’s Office says fatally shot five people before killing himself Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, is seen in a photo released Thursday by the Sheriff’s Office.

    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Before murdering five people, including his wife, Wednesday evening, Javier Casarez suspected his wife had cheated on him, according to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News.

    Casarez, 54, filed for divorce from wife, Petra Bolanos De Casarez, on Dec. 13, 2017. The couple had been married for more than 28 years and had three children together, ages 18, 17, and 10.

    "We are getting divorced because my wife cheated on me. I would like for the judge to grant me a subpoena for me to see the texts messages to whom my wife texted to," divorce records state.

    Bolanos De Casarez claimed she could not read English, and had no knowledge of the divorce filing or her mandatory court date.

    The divorce papers were sent to the home where they both lived, and Casarez kept them from his wife, according to court documents.

    Once their April hearing date had passed, Casarez kicked Bolanos De Casarez out of their family home and then he moved into an apartment with their 10-year-old daughter. He also cut his wife and other two children off financially.

    Bolanos De Casarez claimed she was "always walking on eggshells" in their marriage due to Casarez's "verbal abuse and very strict ways," court documents state. "If anything was out of place he would get very upset."

    Aside from not being able to read the court order for her hearing, Bolanos De Casarez claimed, "It also took me some time to get over my fear and get the courage to ask for help," according to the documents. She consulted with a family member and sought legal help requesting spousal and child support.

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