Bakersfield police work to prevent vehicle, property thefts at Kern County Fair

Cars are parked at the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield, Calif., Sept. 21, 2017. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

The Bakersfield Police Department wants to warn people who might be thinking about breaking into cars during the Kern County Fair that they will be watching.

Car thefts and break-ins have been a problem at the fair over the years, and officers are working to end the thefts.

The department will have undercover cops and unmarked vehicles paroling the parking lot at the fair.

Rachel Rivera is a community relations specialist with the Police Department, and she is one of the department officials who carries out the "if I was a thief" initiative.

Police officials are placing safety checklist cards on vehicles, and checking off the items that may place people at risk.

"We are not leaving citations. We are not giving tickets. It is just a courtesy reminder to move those items out of sight," said Rivera.

According to the department, in 2016 four vehicles were stolen, six were broken into and three were unlocked and items were taken from inside.

The program has been successful when used in other areas. If they can keep families with only happy memories of the fair, then they are satisfied.

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