Cruz Thru Car Wash will be rebranded as new owner Mister Car Wash expands in Bakersfield

A new Mister Car Wash location on Olive Drive in Bakersfield, Calif., is seen in a photo provided by the company. Mister Car Wash recently bought the Cruz Thru Car Wash chain and will be rebranding those locations as Mister Car Wash.

The local Cruz Thru Car Wash chain will be rebranded in the coming months after it was acquired earlier this year by Tucson, Arizona-based Mister Car Wash.

Mister Car Wash this week will open its first location locally to operate under its brand, spokeswoman Ciera Lopez said Wednesday.

The new location, opening Thursday on Olive Drive, will be the eighth in Bakersfield as part of the company.

Mister Car Wash announced in the spring that it was buying Cruz Thru.

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