Defense rests in Sabrina Limon murder trial, closing arguments to begin Tuesday morning

Sabrina Limon sits at the witness stand Monday, October 2. 

After three weeks, the jury who will decide Sabrina Limon's fate will begin deliberating Tuesday.

Limon's attorney, Richard Terry, rested his defense Monday afternoon and the prosecution declined the opportunity to issue a rebuttal. Closing arguments were scheduled to begin Tuesday morning and the judge indicated he'd like to see them deliberating before the end of the day.

Terry's last significant witness was Jennifer Lentz, a woman who testified to having carried on an emotional affair with Jonathan Hearn beginning in 2012.

Though she characterized it as an "innocent Instagram" relationship, her then-husband put a stop to it.

Later, after the two divorced, she began communicating again with Hearn. The two only met once and the relationship was described as being almost totally internet and text message-based. She told jurors that their friendship continued into 2014, comfortably within the time period of Hearn's affair with Limon and within the time frame the prosecution asserts Limon and Hearn were plotting murder.

The defense attempted to show Lentz as similar to Limon, a tall, thin, blonde, mother of two children in a troubled marriage, many years Hearn's senior.

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