Delano police chief out, effective immediately

Former Delano, Calif., police chief Mark DeRosia is seen in a photo from the city's website.

Delano's police chief has been dismissed, according to a memo sent to staff Tuesday by City Manager Maribel Reyna.

Effective Tuesday, Mark DeRosia "will no longer serve as the Chief of Police," the memo states.

The memo was given to all police staffers and states DeRosia will no longer be allowed in restricted areas of the department and should be "treated as any other member of the public."

Calls to Reyna for additional explanation have not been returned.

Councilwoman Grace Vallejo said Wednesday she supports the decision, adding that DeRosia was dismissed "without cause." Department managers in Delano are at-will employees, she said.

Commanders will rotate as the acting chief for the next three months until a permanent replacement is found:

  • November: Raul Alvizo will act as police chief
  • December: Lynn Venables will act as police chief
  • January: Jerry Nicholson will act as chief
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