Demolition phase of 24th Street widening project begins

On Wednesday, the 24th Street widening project became cleared for demolition.

Five houses in the first phase of the project are expected to get torn down starting Feb. 27.

Kris Budak, a Bakersfield city engineer, said traffic near the demolition areas will get worse before it gets better.

"We've just been working towards getting this project through design, so we can start construction, so we can start improving traffic," said Budak. "People driving through the area, they see it. I was on it this morning. I was stuck at the light on Rosedale and the 99 and Buck Owens and 24th street. It's just such a congested area."

The contractor will put up a temporary chain link fence that will protect residents on the north side that are adjacent to the homes being removed. The fence will remain in place until a permanent sound wall is constructed. The construction of that wall will begin once the homes on the north side are demolished, according to Kris Budak. The wall will be 12 feet tall and will help protect residents during construction.

Demolition is expected to be finished by the start of June.

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