Disaster preparedness tips for senior citizens

Disaster preparedness tips for seniors

In the event of a disaster our elderly loved ones need their own disaster plan due their own unique needs.

Laurie Sproul is a Risk Manager with Action Partnership of Kern, she explains most families don't take into account how important it is to include aging relatives in a disaster plan.

"They probably don't like change, they are at a point in their lives, they want to kick back, they don't want to move, this is where all their friends are. When it comes to a disaster emergency where they do have to evacuate they might be a bit stubborn,” said Sproul.

Sproul suggest making sure their social security is direct deposit in case banks are closed and setting aside extra medication along with additional batteries for hearing aids.

She also suggests purchasing a second pair of glasses can also help your seniors.

"It is scary, when your glasses are broken and you can't see where you are going, you are blind," said Sproul.

The Rasmussen senior center has many social uses and in the event of a natural disaster along with the Green Acres Community Center it will be used as relocation and first aid centers for seniors and others to take shelter.

Lisa Plank with North of the River tells me their disaster plan is integrated with the counties and all the staff on hand is well trained.

She says all the facilities have triage which is a medical term that means in the event of large patient causalities they would attend to wounds or illnesses in order of severity.

“In the event of a heart attack all of our staff is trained, all of our staff is CPR and first aid certified,” said Plank.

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