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Doctor explains the importance and effectiveness of wearing a mask

An N95 respiration mask. ({strong}Photo credit:{/strong} REUTERS/Nicholas Pfosi)
An N95 respiration mask. (Photo credit: REUTERS/Nicholas Pfosi)
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The Center for Disease Control is recommending people wear a mask when out in public during the pandemic. Dr. Dan Erickson, an emergency room physician and co-owner of Accelerated Urgent Care explains why wearing mask matters and how to know which one to get.

“The masks matter because they prevent the spread of the respiratory droplets,” Dr. Erickson said.

He said N-95 masks earned their name because they help filter out about 95 percent of the airborne particles.

“It helps decrease the spread of disease,” he said.

Dr. Erickson said surgical masks act as a barrier, but they do not filter out the small airborne particles.

“It’s the main purpose it’s just a barrier to decrease the spread of respiratory droplets, so you’re wearing it for yourself, but you’re also wearing it for other people in your proximity. Who would be showered by respiratory droplets,” he said.

Joellyn Ma and dozens of other women have been busy sewing.

Initially, they started making homemade masks to help meet the growing need among the healthcare community.

“Now it has turned out that the CDC is recommending for anybody that’s going out to the store that they should have a mask on so the production, and the increase, and demand has been unbelievable,” Ma said.

Dr. Erickson said homemade masks are better than no mask at all.

“But also you don’t want to get a false sense of protection from it, meaning you still want to keep your six feet from people because it does not filter out the small viruses and bacteria.”

He also encourages people to wear it out when they are out in the public, including when grocery shopping or at the gas station.

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Erickson said starting Tuesday, April 6, the doctors at Accelerated Urgent Care will start answering any questions using Telemedicine starting at 8:00 a.m. For more information, click here to visit their website.

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