Dog dies after having heat stroke, KCAS reminds people to protect pets from hot temps

A photo provided by Kern County Animal Services shows a dog who was brought into the shelter with heat stroke. He was euthanized Aug. 4, 2017, to prevent further suffering after having seizures.

A dog was euthanized Friday morning after he was taken to Kern County Animal Services with severe heat stroke.

The dog, which KCAS called Stetson, was brought to the shelter Thursday with a core body temperature of almost 106 degrees.

Someone called animal control after seeing the distressed dog in her yard. The animal control officer took the pit bull-type dog to the shelter rather than a veterinarian's office, because the shelter was closer.

KCAS Director Nick Cullen said his staff tried all they could to slowly cool the dog down, but Friday morning the dog began to have seizures and was taken to an emergency vet. There, he was euthanized to prevent suffering.

Cullen said the dog's owner hasn't come forward.

KCAS reminds people to protect their pets from this excessive heat and keep them indoors most of the time.

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