Experts urge parents to practice social media safety with their kids

    Edwin Rodriguez, who was arrested for sending sexually explicit messages to underage students, used Snapchat to send his messages. (Photo by Pixabay)

    Following another arrest of a school employee sending sexual messages to underage students, parents, community members and experts talk about the safe use of social media.

    Kern High School District employee Edwin Rodriguez was arrested Tuesday for allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to eight juvenile students, via Snapchat.

    Parents and community members weigh in on how they interact with social media and ways to protect younger users.

    Veronica Delgado, counselor with Magdalene Hope, said there is a reason why Snapchat is an attractive method of communicate.

    "That is a huge factor as to why some perpetrators will use Snapchat – because the messages delete," Delgado said.

    Rachel Rivera, community relations specialist with the Bakersfield Police Department encourages parents to use parental controls.

    "Make sure you know not only what sites they’re using, what apps they are using, but how they are using them, who they are communicating with and if something feels suspicious to you, check it out, investigate it, look into it further," Rivera said.

    Rivera also warns parents about vault applications – applications that are used to mask one app for another and to hide content.

    For more on information on ways to keep your children safe online, visit Safe Search Kids.

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