Facebook launches Messenger app for kids

This photo provided by Facebook demonstrates Facebook's new Messenger app for kids on an iPhone. (Courtesy of Facebook via AP)

Facebook wants to add kids under the age of 13 to its billions of users.

The company launched a stand-alone app called Messenger Kids.

Right now, there is no surprise that most kids are using technology at a young age.

"To try to keep kids from using their phones, they feel is just folly," said social media expert Tracy Leach. "It's just an impossible task."

Parents will set up accounts for their children and approve who they can talk to.

"This messenger app is operated from the parents Facebook, so they have complete control," said Leach.

Messenger Kids lets kids 6 to 12 years old chat, video chat, and send pictures. Unless parents say otherwise.

"It allows kids to talk to grandparents, to message mom and dad," said Leach.

Social media at a young age can be scary for parents.

"I'm trying to protect them from bad people, I'm trying to protect them from being exposed to bad things," said Amanda Muneton Anaya.

She said her 9-year-old uses laptops in class.

"Our society is moving quick, and its very digital heavy, so I think its good to give parents the opportunity to monitor what their kids are doing," said Muneton Anaya.

Facebook said the app won't show ads or collect data on its users.

Leach said the app may seem safe, but you should always be careful.

"Everything online should be monitored carefully when it comes to kids," said Leach.

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