Family welcomes five children for National Adoption Day


A group of local families were excited for their day in court during National Adoption Day.

The Andersons added five new siblings to their family in one day.

They signed the papers, legally adopting biological siblings Brandi, Matthew, Jeremiah, Nathaniel and Elijah.

"You wait for something for so long, and you finally get it, and you are beside yourself," said Anthony Anderson. "It was really cool."

The family already had three older children -- Tim, Chelcey and Thomas -- who helped them make the decision to expand their family.

"Every single one of my kids was 100 percent, 'Dad, we have to help them. We have to keep them with us,'" said Anderson.

The family said their five new blessings were originally nieces and nephews, but when a domestic situation took them out of their first home, Carrie and Anthony Anderson stepped in.

"They are family and will always be a part of our family now," said Anderson.

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