Family, friends and neighbors of victims express shock following mass shooting

    Carol Gandola lives next door to the house where Javier and Petra Casarez lived before their divorce. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

    Four families are mourning the loss of their loved ones following a series of deadly shootings Wednesday night.

    Sheriff Donny Youngblood on Thursday released the names of the six people killed.

    The five victims were Manuel Contreras, 50, Antonio Valadez, 50, Petra Maribel Bolanos de Casarez, 45, Laura Garcia, 31, and Eliseo Cazares, 57.

    The sixth person who died was the shooter, Javier Casarez, 54.

    Family and friends of the victims did not want to go on camera.

    Neighbors of the shooter said he had talked about his divorce with his wife.

    “I’d seen him last week when I went over to his yard and he seemed happy,“ Carol Gandola, one of his neighbors, said. “He came over to give his regards because I had lost my husband and he hadn’t been able to get over to see me and all of the sudden he broke down crying, because of his wife leaving.”

    However, several neighbors said they never expected the situation to escalate.

    "I just had a really hard time putting my mind around that he would shoot five people and commit suicide. It’s just mind-boggling," Gandola said. “I’d seen him last week when I went over to his yard, and he seemed fine."

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