Firefighters revive 'lifeless' dog pulled from travel trailer fire


Firefighters were able to save a dog who was pulled out of a travel trailer fire.

It happened during the holiday weekend in Riverside County.

According to Cal Fire Riverside County, when firefighters arrived on scene, the travel trailer was 25 percent involved in fire and appeared vacant with the owners not in sight.

Crews knocked down the fire and forced open the travel trailer door.

Firefighters did a search of the living space, and pulled a lifeless dog from the travel trailer.

The firefighters handled both extinguishing the fire from the entire trailer and began efforts to revive the dog.

As a result of their effort with stimulation and oxygen therapy, firefighters were able to successfully revive the dog.

The dog was then given to City of Perris Animal Control.

The latest update on the dog was that she was alert and attentive.

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