Firefighter family reflects on spending holidays apart


Christmas is just days away, and while most people will be spending time off with family, many first responders will be spending time on the clock.

Captain A.J. Clark has been a firefighter with the Bakersfield Fire Department for 15 years. Due to his busy schedule, he hasn't been able to spend too much time home with families.

"That is the toughest part, you are away from your family," Clark said. "But when you go to someone else's house, and they are in need on a holiday ... you feel like you can really make a difference in their life that one day."

This will be the first Christmas in years that Clark is able to go home to his wife and three children.

His wife, Tamara Clark, said her sons are very supportive of their father's busy schedule, and she hopes they will learn from his public service.

"They have always understood that daddy is out protecting others, and daddy is helping and serving others, and we think that just gives them a really great foundation for their future in service themselves," she said.

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