Former employees speak out against embezzling charity director

    After Melissa Wyatt, a Bakersfield native, pleaded guilty to embezzling money from the charity Foundation for Second Chances, former employees are speaking out.

    “Melissa Wyatt, and quite honest, was possibly the worst boss I’ve had,” a former fundraiser, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

    He described becoming suspicious after just two months of working for Wyatt. Once he started examining the organization’s documents he noticed things weren’t adding up. There were multiple budgets and line items for employees who didn’t exist. He said Wyatt promised reimbursements that never came and even monitored how much toilet paper was used in the employee bathroom.

    “I hate to say it, but she was very greedy and cheap,” he said.

    The former employee went into the nonprofit sector to help his community and was thrilled when he found the job at Foundation for Second Chances. He now says the whole experience was disheartening.

    “I was embarrassed to have even been associated with an organization like that,” he said.

    The employee eventually blew the whistle and wrote an anonymous letter to the board of directors.

    He’s happy that Wyatt is taking responsibility for her criminal actions, but feels remorse for the kids he was never able to help.

    “We let you down and for that I am so sorry,” he said.

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