Fort Tejon's CHP office keeps community laughing, safe through social media

One Fort Tejon CHP officer has a unique take on social media that is helping connect law enforcement and the community. (Twitter photo/ Fort Tejon CHP) 

As the public information officer for the California Highway Patrol in Fort Tejon, Officer Brian Moore manages all of the social media accounts.

"I thought to myself, it's an underused tool," he said. "It's something that we could be using every day and get our message out there."

When he took over the accounts in January 2017, he said the Facebook page had about 1,000 followers.

Moore's unique social media approach is gaining widespread attention.

"I told my boss we were going to hit 10,000 by the end of the first year, and everybody laughed at me. Sure enough, last month we hit 10,000," Moore said. "We want to grow the page as big as we can, so we can actually get the message out there."

He has a few goals with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"I want to get the message out there for the Highway Patrol about public safety, but I also want to make people happy," Moore said.

Some posts include warnings to the community, while Moore hopes others bring people a smile.

"There have been quite a few of those, and you know we get mixed reviews. We get people saying you know they are defacing the sign, which technically they are, and I tent to remove it, but it's a little hard to get mad at somebody who is just taping something on there, and it's humerous," Moore said.

He hopes his posts will continue to help build a strong relationship with the community and law enforcement.

"We're not robots, I mean," he said. "I'm not going to act like a robot. I'm a human being doing a job."

"Before we had the social media, there was a gap," he continued. "My goal with it too was to give our community an open pathway to talk to us, so they send messages all day long, and I answer every single one of them."

Shanda Jones follows the accounts and said they are informative and funny.

"It's kind of uplifting to see that they actually have a sense of humor and they aren't these uptight men that you need to be scared of. They are human," she said.

Moore said he never misses a day of posting, because the community will notice.

"I have a group of ladies. I think they are in the retirement community, and if I don't get my morning post up by 8 o'clock, they get upset and start inboxing me," Moore laughed. "So I try to get it out there by 8 o'clock every day."

Moore said since the posts stated, other officers have also noticed a difference.

"People come and talk to you and they want to talk and to be friends with you, it's actually kind of nice and refreshing," Moore said. "It puts a smile on your face."

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