Free cancer screenings offered to the community

The free cancer screening event was open to everyone in the Bakersfield community. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Sunday morning, Dignity Health and the Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center came together to offer free cancer screenings to the community.

For the event’s organizers, it was an important chance to offer preventative care.

“Because if you detect cancer early, cancer early, we treat early, we treat complications early, you know, otherwise if the cancer spread, you know, it spread to different organs, then it become complicated,” Dr. Matab Singh said.

The screenings were open to everyone, but also had a specific focus on the local Sikh population.

Singh says that this community is one that doesn’t get tested often, but that’s something he and his team are trying to change.

“Some of them really have a limited access to the health care, also. If they have a limited access to health care, education is more important. Some people, sometimes people go to the doctors when they are really sick. You know, so we need to, we are training and teaching them also go for early detection. Do the primary medicine first, also,” he said.

And that message seems to have resonated with many people from all around Bakersfield.

“It’s actually good, beneficial for everybody and I actually do encourage everybody, whenever they have an event like this, to come along, you know. It’s always good,” Alejandro Alcaraz, an attendee at the event, said.

But if you couldn’t make Sunday’s event, Singh says that there’s no need to worry because the team is planning on having many more throughout Kern County.

“People started calling me from Delano, you know, this community people, Sikh community people, and other people, you know, Arvin, one of the people, you know, churches called me from Arvin and Lamont also, they contacted us,” he said.

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