Fresno man tries to mail puppies to North Carolina

United States Postal Service says a man tried to mail two puppies and several birds. It's a felony to ship puppies and several other warm-blooded animals.

‘Tis the season to mail packages right? Workers at a Fresno post office got quite the surprise when a man tried to ship something that isn't exactly ideal for "priority mail" – puppies!

United States Postal Service says you can't mail puppies kittens or certain warm blooded animals. It's a felony to do so.

The United States Postal Service says a man walked in with boxes marked ‘birds’ and when a worker asked the man what was in the boxes and he said birds.

Workers say there were some birds inside the boxes, but there were also two puppies inside a different box with no food or water.

Workers say they believe the dogs may have been drugged.

The man paid about $100 to send the puppies from Fresno to North Carolina. Workers called the man back to tell him he couldn't ship puppies and he took the dogs back.

The united states postal service says in a statement:

"We take very seriously the humane treatment of animals. We are very proud of the actions of our retail associate and we urge all customers to please adhere to our mailing requirement standards and not intentionally deceive federal employees or potentially harm animals."

According to the USPS mail guidelines, you can mail live bees, adult birds and even scorpions, under limited circumstances.

You can also mail certain cold blooded animals like baby alligators, frogs and chameleons. USPS says they must not require any food, water or attention during travel. There are other requirements animals must meet in order to be shipped.

The Postal Inspection Service is investigating.

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