Fresno police: Man using cloned cards stolen from 200 people

Man caught using cloned cards to withdraw money in Fresno and Clovis.

Have you checked your bank account lately?

You might want to now that the Fresno Police Department says hundred of people's ATM card information has been stolen, and police think it's part of an organized crime ring that could have more victims.

Sergeant Brian Rogers with the department's financial crimes unit said one guy is caught on camera using cloned cards with someone else' information. Rogers said if happened to about 200 people and the guy using it took money out of those accounts between Friday and Monday.

Rogers said he believes the guy is working with a group that originates out of Glendale in Southern California that travels along western states stopping in places like Fresno.

"One part of the crew will do skimmers, they'll place skimmers in either gas pumps or ATM machines and then this part of the group does the card cloning or cash withdrawals," Rogers said.

Rogers said a skimmer on an old gas pump is likely how these bad guys got a hold of people's ATM card information.

Rogers believes once they had that, they cloned cards and came back to try to drain accounts. Rogers said this particular guy used ATM's in shopping areas like River Park, Fashion Fair and off Shaw in Clovis. He said, it's not chump change. Rogers said the guy is taking out hundreds of dollars that add up.

"We're probably in the neighborhood of about $100,000 that we know of and it could go higher from there," Rogers said.

Rogers said you can take some measures to protect yourself. He said avoid using older gas pumps because many times they aren't upgraded to the chip card readers yet. He said he knows it's an inconvenience, but go inside to pay. He also said use a credit card instead of your debit card because those are mostly bank-protected, meaning you can recoup some of the money you lose if you find yourself in a situation of stolen information.

Rogers said the guy they're looking for could be driving a Chevy Impala with yellow plates and a Chevy Equinox with "Allen Gwynn" plates. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP or 498-7867. You could get a cash reward.

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