Eyewitness News investigation gets trash removed

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) The city of Bakersfield's Solid Waste Division cleaned up torn mattresses and couches illegally dumped behind an apartment building on the corner of 8th and K streets after an Eyewitness News investigation found the items had remained there for nearly a month.

Torn mattresses, couches and tree branches were dumped next to a trash dumpster located in an alley behind the apartment structure.

"When I came home from dropping my cousins off from school, the trash was literally littered all over. I couldn't even get in to park right here," said Maricel Diza, who contacted Eyewitness News about the problem. "To come home like that, to see such an eyesore ... it's not nice."

Diza said the trash was first dumped sometime in the middle of May and that calls to city asking for a clean up were unsuccessful.

A Solid Waste official told Eyewitness News that the city is does not take responsibility for cleaning up illegal dumping on private property. However, after the conversation, Eyewitness News was informed that the trash was cleaned up because it was on the edge of public property.

Anyone seeking answers regarding illegal dumping can call (661) 86-CLEAN or 862-5326.

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