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Gang violence possible factor in deadly highway shooting

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On May 5th, a deadly shooting happened on Highway 58 and Union Avenue. We are learning more details about the events leading up to the gunfire in recently released court documents.

A Camaro and Toyota are seen on surveillance video at the Valley Plaza Mall. The Toyota, filled with Taeviyon Wandick, Denell King and Christopher Thompson began following 24-year-old Daniell Williams in his Camaro on the 99 freeway.

Court documents say the Chevy was driving fast and ran a stop sign and the Toyota had what witnessed described as "road rage."

People also observed the tan Toyota sedan merge into the center divider and pull next to the black Chevrolet Camaro and begin firing at the driver in the other car, which was just 5 minutes after they were seen on video leaving the mall.

The driver, 24-year-old, Daniell Williams, was shot in the head and crashed into the center median. He was found dead by officers.

King and Wandick were being watched by California State Patrol and Kern County Probation with ankle monitors, which is how they were able to track their location to the scene of the shooting.

Ultimately, they arrested 22-year-old Taeviyon Wandick, 23 year old Denell King and 19 year old Christopher Thompson for their alleged involvement in the gang-related attack.

According to court documents, King and Wandick are believed to be East Side Crip gang members. Daniell Williams was believed to be a Country Boy Crip associate, which is the rival gang of the alleged shooters.

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King, Thompson and Wandick are all being charged with murder in the first degree, shooting at an occupied motor vehicle and gang related charges.

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