Construction across Bakersfield expected to continue for at least the next three years

Money from the gas tax is funding road projects across Bakersfield with more projects on the way (KBAK/KBFX File Photo).

Voters decided to keep the gas tax in place, meaning more money will continue to funnel into road improvement projects.

City manager, Alan Tandy, says the city is receiving around $8 million a year for road projects as a result of this gas tax.

The gas tax is also funding grant projects across the state to help with additional projects.

Last year, the city received $119 million in grants.

Currently, the city is in the process of replacing the Belle Terrace bridge off Wible Road funded through the gas tax.

Other projects are also in the works, such as the Hageman Flyover, which will extend Hageman Road over Highway 99 connecting onto the 204.

"For people up on that part of town it will provide for a really quick way into the downtown," said Tandy.

They're also working on the Friant Kern Canal bike path.

This would run from the Kern River up to 7th Standard Road, providing a 5-mile path.

With more projects in the works, Tandy says construction around Bakersfield could last another three years.

"Bakersfield is a community that continues to grow. With growth comes additional cars and traffic demands and so in order to keep pace with it, you need to keep devising widening the roadways, widening the bridges, those sorts of things to keep traffic flowing," said Tandy.

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