Goat-delivered valentines offered in Kern County

Photo: California Goat Yoga by Mullenax Ranch

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) – A baby goat can deliver your valentine this year to your sweetheart.

Tehachapi-based California Goat Yoga by Mullenax Ranch is offering “Goat-Grams” this Valentine’s Day.

Owner Alex Mullenax says this is their first foray into holiday offerings. If this goes well, she says they might look at goat-related offerings during Christmas or other holidays.

Mullenax says a baby goat will deliver the valentine and selected extras, such as a rose or chocolates, most places in Kern County, as long as they have enough orders in that area. All deliveries will be made on Valentine’s Day.

The recipient will get to spend about 10 minutes playing with the goat that delivered their valentine.

Prices start at $37, and orders must be in by Feb. 10 unless they’re fully booked before then.

Some restrictions apply. Goats can’t make their deliveries to food establishments. Visit California Goat Yoga online or call (661) 238-3072 for more information.

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