Volunteer teams are offering support in times of need

Photo credit: CERT

The trained first responders are not the only ones saving lives in emergency situations. If a disaster takes place in Kern County, there is a team of dedicated people who will be there to help you without any compensation.

They are being assisted by everyday men and women who call themselves Community Emergency Response Teams.

There were several CERT members on the ground during the Erskine Fire, and there are nine groups throughout Kern County where the participants learn basic emergency-response skills.

CERT members are also taught how to respond to natural hazards.

Jeannie Taylor is a coordinator with the Kern County CERT and said the training is an empowering experience for members.

"I think what people find out is what they are capable of," she said.

The Kern County Fire Department sponsors the local CERT.

For more information, contact Jeannie Taylor at (661) 301-7111 or

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