Industrial automation degree brings robotics to Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College will begin offering a bachelor's degree in industrial automation, specializing in robots like Myo. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

As the times change, so too do the ways businesses operate.

To get its students ahead of the curve, Bakersfield College will offer students a new bachelor's degree in industrial automation.

Students coming into the program will learn how to manage evolving robotic systems and get them to work together to build things, sort products and increase overall productivity.

"The amount of different robotics we have in this program, each one of these robots, you can study them for a year, and you could still keep going and going," student Jose Sepulveda said.

According to faculty, the program will include the opportunity to work alongside engineers in the field.

Despite concerns of automation making human labor obsolete, Professor Tom Rush isn't worried.

"We think the future is headed toward more collaborative robots," Rush said. "So, it won't necessarily be, 'This robot is taking your job.' It will be, 'This robot is working with you.'"

The last day to enroll in the program for the upcoming year is May 15.

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