Man takes plea deal for death of lover's husband

A man has accepted a plea deal for his role in the death of his lover's husband.

A jury trial was scheduled to begin Monday for the charge of first-degree murder against Jonathan Hearn.

Under the deal, the murder charge was dismissed, and Hearn pleaded no contest to counts of voluntary manslaughter, attempted murder, willfully poisoning food, and being an accessory.

Prosecuting attorney Eric Smith said Hearn gets a sentence of just over 25 years in prison.

Robert Limon was shot to death in August 2014 at the BNSF Railway facility at an industrial complex in Tehachapi.

The victim's wife was arrested again last week in Camarillo. Sabrina Limon had been arrested along with Hearn more than two years ago, but she was later released.

The Kern County Sheriff's Office says Sabrina Limon is now accused of murder, attempted murder, being an accessory, conspiracy, soliciting a crime and poisoning.

Smith said Hearn agreed to help in the prosecution of Sabrina Limon as part of his plea deal.

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