Judge hears arguments in Tastries Bakery fight over same-sex wedding cake


A Kern County judge heard arguments Friday from both sides in the Tastries Bakery legal fight over a same-sex wedding cake.

Last August, two women asked bakery owner Cathy Miller to design a cake for their wedding. Miller declined on the basis of her religious beliefs.

Friday, the California Family Council organized a prayer rally in support of Cathy Miller before the court hearing.

“I am overwhelmed by love and blessings, prayers, it was amazing," Miller said. "I am really pleased that it was respectful, and that we could all gather here, people from both sides."

Hundreds of people attended the rally, and Eyewitness News spoke with representatives from both sides.

“We don’t like to be discriminated (against), that is what it is really about. We are human beings," said Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio, one of the women in the legal fight with the Tastries Bakery owner.

Following the prayer rally, there was an injunction hearing that was set to determine if Tastries Bakery should be forced to sell custom wedding cakes to all couples, heterosexual or gay, or stop selling wedding cakes altogether.

During the hearing both sides made their arguments and cited several past high profile cases.

The judge could make a decision in the matter as early as next week.

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