Kern County Library offers fine forgiveness program

Kern County Library is offering a one-time amnesty program this summer. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

For the first time, the Kern County Library is offering a one-time amnesty program.

They will take care of all your fees, so you come back to the library.

Kids, teens and adults have the opportunity to get a clean slate by either reading, donating or returning overdue books.

The program runs June 25-30 and again July 30 to Aug. 4.

The offer does not apply to accounts already in collections.

Library staff created a music video, urging people to come back.

To qualify, kids and teens need to fill out a reading log and turn it in during the week the program is running.

Adults need to donate one library item, an animal care item, or canned food.

A donation list can be found here.

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