Orientation held for potential foster care families

KBAK/KBFX photo.

Saturday, dozens of potential foster care families went through orientation in hopes of bringing stability to a child's life.

Both the Department of Human Services and Kern County Probation are teaming up to increase awareness of the need for qualified and committed families impacted by Foster and Probation care.

Nearly 1,700 children are in Foster Care in Kern County, dozens of them are on probation.

"They want to get better, they don't like the situation they are in and a lot of time the situation they're in is not their fault," said probation supervisor for Kern County, Jason Hillis.

Hillis says the resource families, also known as foster care families, help build confidence in children.

Thalia Strickland, 18, grew up going home to home. Trouble seemed to follow her. Now, she lives with her grandma and is on probation. Strickland says it's been life changing.

"Knowing that we have a team behind us, we have resources, knowing that there's love," said Strickland.

If you would like to learn more about foster care and how you can get involved you can visit Department of Human Services and Kern County or call 631-6204.

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