Local Red Cross volunteer heading to Irma disaster zone

Courtesy of Red Cross Kern County

Cindy Huge was one of several Kern County Red Cross volunteers who were on the front lines of Hurricane Harvey relief, and now she will be heading to help others affected by Hurricane Irma.

Huge was stationed for a total of 18 days in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she helped provide evacuees from both Texas and Louisiana with food water and clothing.

"It was a privilege to help all those people who waded through water and lived through so much," said Huge.

She, along with other Red Cross volunteers, helped more than 8,000 residents that were displaced due to Harvey.

This was her 15th national disaster she responded to, and Irma will be her 16th.

Two Red Cross volunteers have already headed out to help with Irma relief.

If you would like to contribute to Irma or Harvey relief funds, you can visit

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