Kern County representatives respond to government shutdown

MGN, file

Both Rep. David Valadao and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave their statements Saturday on the government shutdown.

Valadao said:

There is no doubt this government shutdown was avoidable and unnecessary and it is incredibly unfortunate those in Washington are unable to put aside their differences to do what is best for our nation.
I firmly believe Congress should continue to discuss the difficult issues at the center of this debate, including the DACA program, with the intent on finding a long-term solution. However, this debate should not be made at the expense of children and members of our military.
I remain committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to protect DACA recipients, ensure our nation’s children have the healthcare they deserve, and end this government shutdown.

McCarthy said:

Senate Democrats just chose to cut off pay to our troops, cut off funding to the VA, and cut off insurance for American children in an absurd ploy to enact unspecified immigration provisions for a program that isn’t about to expire and that remains the subject of bipartisan and bicameral negotiations. This is the same tactic that Chuck Schumer called ‘a politics of idiocy and paralysis’ just a few years ago.
In our system, we need 60 votes in the Senate to pass government funding legislation, meaning the Democrat minority has the power to grind everything to a halt. But nowhere does it say that a minority in the Senate can demand everything it wants and then blame the impasse on the other side. The House passed a clean funding bill with no strings attached and no gimmicks that even included bipartisan children’s health insurance legislation that Senate Democrats support. There is only one question for Senate Democrats: Why are you holding our troops and the government hostage for an unrelated immigration fight?
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