Kern County Fire highlights importance of fire alarm safety

    The battery in a smoke detector should be changed at least twice a year, according to the Kern County Fire Department. (Image from MGN)

    Kern County Fire Department is reminding people to check their smoke detectors to be prepared in case of an emergency.

    Roberto Figueroa, engineer with Kern County Fire, said batteries should be checked every month and changed at least twice a year.

    He said people frequently remove the batteries to use them for other purposes.

    “Sometimes they remove the battery because the noise is annoying and they forget to put it back and when a fire, when a real fire happens there’s no, no batteries in the smoke detectors and it can be deadly,” he said.

    Figueroa said new smoke detectors have batteries that last up to 10 years, but batteries on detectors need to be checked every month.

    “This alarm can mean the difference between life or death,” he said.

    He also recommends having an evacuation plan and said to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

    The American Red Cross is also contributing to house-fire prevention efforts with the Home Fire Campaign, where volunteers team up with fire departments to install free smoke alarms.

    To make an appointment you can call the Kern Chapter (661) 324-6427 or visit the Red Cross Sound the Alarm web page.

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