Opioid crime on the rise, patients turning to heroine

Photo: Pixabay via MGN, file

Vicodin, Norco, Percocet, OxyContin and morphine are all opioid pain killers your doctor can prescribe to you.

Still, officials warn just because a doctor can prescribe it does not mean it is safe.

These pills aren't safe, specifically because of an active ingredient they all share with heroine.

An administrator with Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, Anna Olvera, said the path from opioid pills to heroine is short.

"Of everyone who uses prescribed opioids, 30 percent will misuse those pills," Olvera said.

Sgt. Brian Holcombe of the Bakersfield Police Department agreed, saying, ”Those popular painkiller drugs become traded on the street or sold on the street."

While police are making efforts to crack down on the drugs, they are fighting an uphill battle, because there are so many prescription pain pills in the community.

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