Kern Patriot Partnership seeks to bring vets to jobs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The Kern County Veteran's Service Department is now looking for both veterans and employers interested in participating in the new Kern Patriot Partnership, or KPP.

Dick Taylor, the KCVSD director, said military veterans can be the perfect fit for employers looking for hardworking employees.

"One of the things our program does is it helps match those military occupational specialties, also known as M.O.S., with civilian skill sets," said Taylor.

KPP is connecting local veterans with those employers through an online portal.

Employers can log onto, click on the employers link, and fill out a form.

"It comes right to us," said Taylor. "We'll respond and get back to them."

The same thing goes for veterans. They can head to the same website and fill out a form under the veterans link.

"We'll be in contact with them, so that we can set up an appointment to do an interview and to help them with a resume," he said.

KPP has one main goal.

"To help veterans looking for jobs link up with businesses that are looking to get top notch employees and are willing to give veterans a first look," said Taylor.

There are a number of businesses already involved.

"We have about a dozen businesses so far," said Taylor, "including Chevron, Aera Energy, and Kaiser Permanente."

He said different job fields from logistics, health care, automotive, trucking and construction can all benefit from hiring a veteran.

"We're looking for any business, in any industry, that's looking to hire great employees that are looking for a great career," said Taylor.

KPP will help veterans with resume building, cover letters, dressing for success, and interview skills.

Although this doesn't guarantee every vet a job, Taylor said it helps put them on the right path.

"We'll meet them half way," said Taylor. "But they need to put in the effort, too, because like we mentioned ... it's a competitive market."

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