KHSD approves guns on campus for non-employees with permit and permission

The Kern High School District's Board of Trustees on Monday approved a rule that would allow non-employees who possess a valid concealed carry permit to bring guns onto high school campuses.

Non-school employees who possess valid concealed weapons permits can now seek permission from the superintendent to carry guns on Kern High School District campuses.

The school board voted 4-0 (Trustee Bryan Batey was not at the meeting) Monday night in favor of the policy.

State law enacted last year forbids concealed carry on school campuses but allows for two exceptions - for active and retired law enforcement officers, and for permit-holding citizens who have written approval from the superintendent.

Monday's vote allows Superintendent Bryon Schaefer to begin giving such permission.

The President of the Board of Trustees, Mike Williams, told Eyewitness News Tuesday he believes the board acted in accordance with local public opinion about the issue.

He said the district will trust the judgment of the sheriff, who has already vetted citizens who have a CCW permit. The district is not asking for parents to carry guns on its campuses, he said, but will not punish those who wish to do so, adding that very few people will qualify.

"So you're dealing with a small portion of the county of Kern that has a license and only a small percentage of them would be carrying at any one time. And third, they're rarely on our campuses for more than a moment at any one time," he said.

The CCW holders must get permission from the superintendent every two years.

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