KHSD internet guidelines: 'There is no social media that you can access'

The Kern High School District seal is seen in a KBAK/KBFX file photo.

Computers, technology and the internet are becoming more integral parts of classrooms around America.

With each passing year, the role of the internet in learning grows, and school administrators are forced to determine how to best keep their students focused on classwork rather than freely exploring the internet.

Essentially, most schools are treated like businesses, where employees are blocked from accessing websites outside of the company's parameters.

In Kern County high schools, the company Cisco is contracted to prevent students from getting onto parts of the internet not suited for an educational facility.

"So, there is no social media that you can access," said Bryan Campoy, supervising administrator of innovative programs for the Kern High School District.

Many websites, from social media, to gaming, to video streaming, to pornography are all blocked in schools.

Teachers also have the capability to monitor all screens in their classroom to make sure everyone is staying on the lesson plan.

Most of the guidelines are enforced by the Childrens' Internet Protection Act.

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