KHSD votes to approve Plan 3 for new boundaries for trustee elections

Photo: Kern High School District

The Kern High School District board voted Monday night to approve Plan 3 for changing the trustee election boundaries.

The new map means nearly 120,000 voters will be in different voting zones.

The board members' votes comes after multiple meetings and public comment sessions about the current boundaries.

The district moved to change its trustee boundaries to avoid litigation from the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which accused the district of suppressing Latino representation.

Both sides came up with their own revised maps and agreed on creating boundaries that give Latinos more voting power.

The new map will still need to be approved by the Kern County Committee on School District Organization at a meeting later this week.

It is also temporary, as it will only last until the 2020 census.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation still opposes the new map and still suggests it will pursue a lawsuit.

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