KHSD board will use new voting boundaries for November 2018 election

These are the voting boundaries which will be active for the November election.

The Kern County Committee on School District Organization voted Thursday night to approve a redrawn map that will determine who can run for Kern High School District board seats.

The map was approved earlier in the week by the KHSD board members themselves.

The new boundaries will go into effect for the November 2018 election. The new lines cause about 120,000 registered voter to change voting areas.

The school district moved to change its trustee boundaries to avoid litigation from the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which accused the district of suppressing Latino representation.

Both sides came up with their own revised maps and agreed on creating boundaries that give Latinos more voting power.

The new map creates two voting districts with Hispanic-majority voting populations of at least 60 percent Latino voters. However, representatives of the Dolores Huerta Foundation say it will be impossible for a Latino candidate to win in those voting areas.

KHSD Trustee Mike Williams retorted the reason a Latino from south Kern hasn't won a seat is because none have run for election.

The Dolores Huerta Foundation has stated in the past it would sue if the map wasn't drawn to its liking.

Williams said the district would like to avoid that cost if possible and hopes the Latino-advocacy group is willing to compromise in order to make that possible.

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