LIST | Status of Kern County people who were at Vegas concert during mass shooting

Virginia, right, and Natalie Ramos light candles as students from University of Nevada Las Vegas hold a vigil Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, in Las Vegas. A gunman on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino hotel rained automatic weapons fire down on the crowd of over 22,000 at an outdoor country music festival Sunday. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Eyewitness News is collecting a list of local people who were at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when a man unleashed a barrage of bullets on the crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, with around 60 dead.

Eyewitness News has confirmed that five people with local connections were killed in the shooting: Kelsey Meadows, Jack Beaton, Bailey Schweitzer, Melissa Ramirez and Victor Link.

More than 500 were also injured, including more than 10 people from Kern County. Off-duty Bakersfield Police Department Officer Aaron Mundhenke is among the wounded, as he's expected to survive after getting struck by a bullet.

The Kern County firefighters union said they had seven members at the music festival.

The Kern County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1301, Facebook post reads, in part "They made it out without injury, however friends and family within their groups were not so fortunate and were hit by gunfire. Injuries appear to be non-life threatening."

Others we know of:

Steve Wallace- not injured

Laura Rosales- minor injury hand was sliced while climbing fence

Amanda Diaz- not injured

Tamee Woodruff - uninjured

Carmen Richmond - uninjured

Jennifer Anderson- not injured

Nick Gospich- not injured

Neil Orwig - OK

Windy Bromley - OK

Keli Paulk - OK

Jennifer Gospich-not injured

Kevin Gross -not injured

Tina Vickery- not injured

Julie A King- not injured

Glenn Carr-not injured

Jennifer Macedo- not injured

Laurie Beaton - not injured

Chelsea Laurent - hurt

Jimmy Laurent - injured

Officer Aaron Mundhenke - shot in hip

KUZZ radio personalty Brent Michaels - not injured

Diana Schweitzer - not injured

John Alden - unknown

Marissa Maurer-Cannon - injured from hitting the ground while running

Kelsey Maurer-Eiben - OK

Carmen Alegria - shot in leg, will be OK

Angelica Soto - shot in the shoulder, will be OK

Jason Scott - not injured

Crystal Cravins - injured

Amy Porwoll - safe

Bakersfield Police Officer Logan Robert - safe

Renee Jimenez - unknown

Jamie Deal - not injured

KCFD Battalion Chief Mike Slayton - not injured

Rodney Sparks - not injured

Dwayne Sparks - OK

Kristin Baker - OK

Carl Salyards - not injured

Billy Bob Mason - shot

Sean Stephens - not injured

Amber Mears - safe

Dede Chisholm - unknown

Chad and Tracy Apland - not injured

Stephanie Underwood - not injured

Brook Horack – not injured

Stephanie Hill – not injured

Joanne Varner – not injured

Annette Cazares – not injured

Al Medina – not injured

Yolanda Medina – not injured

Renee Oliver – not injured

Keith Smith – not injured

Sarah Smith – not injured

Ryan Horton – not injured

Renee Ortiz – not injured

Carolyn Kyle – not injured

KaCee Guillen – not injured

Fred Guillen – not injured

Mindi Grider – not injured

Hillarie Richards – not injured

Nik Boone – not injured

Bryan Oberg – not injured

Denice Provencio - not injured

Aaron and Jenna Almauger - not injured

Jordanne Barr - shot twice, stable condition

Jordan Adamczyk - not injured

Rachel Sheppard - injured/ICU

Carrie and Kara Kephard - not injured

Katey Souza - not injured

Jesus Fuentes - not injured

Samantha Ibarra - not injured

Christine Guiterrez - not injured

Kami Francis - not injured

Katie Blair - not injured

Cory and Staci Wright - safe

Kyle Brown - not injured

Taylor Nicole Brown - not injured

Katie and Stephen Williford - safe

Skyler Thomson – uninjured

Chelsea Thomson – uninjured

Amanda Dunn – uninjured

Jordan Thompson – uninjured

Nick Gonzalez – uninjured

Jason Anderson – uninjured

Jennifer Anderson – uninjured

Nick Clausnitzer – uninjured

Morgan Pereira – uninjured

Chase Hall – uninjured

Michelle Munoz - sprained ankle

Ashley Anders - uninjured

Brandi and Dave Trejo - not injured

Jacob and Chrissy Rodart - not injured

Danny Hargis - uninjured

Mariah Lopez - uninjured

Greg, Raelynn and Tori Craley - uninjured

Kevin Criss - uninjured

Kim Piron - uninjured

Kim Castillo - uninjured

Kristy Nicketl - uninjured

Kayla and Jeremy Ferre - uninjured

Anthony Munoz - uninjured

Kristyn and Jared Hoyt - uninjured

Blake McPherson - uninjured

Cory, Cheyanne and Kari Koot - uninjured

Michele and Rick Schmidt - uninjured

RJ Dawley - uninjured

Dede Chisholm - uninjured

Amanda Jasso - uninjured

Sharon Castanon - uninjured

Kari Blake - safe

Martha Garcia - uninjured

Emily Rubio Russell - uninjured

Deanna Roman- uninjured

Alma Bumatay- uninjured

Samantha Cardenas- uninjured

Nayeli Cardenas- uninjured

Jasmine Acosta - uninjured

Stephanie Gonzales-Murphy - uninjured

Jamie Faulkenberry Cornelius - uninjured

Tina Heard - uninjured

Brittany May - uninjured

Petrina and Eric Alan Harris - uninjured

Brian and Mo Krause - uninjured

Dava and Joaquin Elcano - uninjured

Edgar Tapia - safe

Tracy Johnson - uninjured

Taylor Camp - uninjured

Jennifer Quick - safe

Heather Dickson - safe

Dee Krause - uninjured

Rick Johnson - uninjured

Gina Wheeler - uninjured

David and Ofelia Kooren - uninjured

Lety and Dustin Mashburn - uninjured

Chris Pena - uninjured

Mark Galindo - uninjured

Tiffany Orland - uninjured

Dawn and Rhyan Acosta - uninjured

Carmen Salazar - uninjured

Natalie Alvary - uninjured

Danielle Ambrose - uninjured

Breanne Cope - uninjured

Gaia Yarber - uninjured

Shane Cody Ledbetter - uninjured

Carlene Welch - uninjured

Kimberly Lowe - uninjured

Natasha Renea Mizell - uninjured

Tyler Kahler - uninjured - uninjured

Amber Mears - uninjured

Gabriela Van Matre - uninjured

Brandon Stevens - uninjured

Perri Stevens - uninjured

Lizette Morales - uninjured

Jim Patterson - uninjured

Jerry and Mariah Vallejo - uninjured

Kendra Duncan - uninjured

Jeff and Jacki Mickey - uninjured

Roy and Leia Haislip - uninjured

Alysha Layton - OK

Christina Rodriguez - OK

Edith Rodriguez - OK

Cesar Rodriguez - OK

Sonia Torres - OK

Samantha Sawyer - OK

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