Local bump stock sales skyrocket amid possible fear of a ban after Vegas mass shooting


Bump stocks have been flying off the shelves at local gun shops. The device allows semiautomatic rifles to intimate fully automatic weapons.

Mark Libatique, the manager at the Armory guns store, said the accessory has been more of a novelty item and hasn't always been this popular.

"We've had some in stock for about two or three months, (and) nobody has bought them," said Libatique.

He attributed the surge in sales to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"... I don't know, I think people are buying them because they say they are not going to be available anymore," said Libatique.

Thursday, the NRA issued a statement, saying it supports bump stocks having additional regulations.

Congressional members have been talking about ways to potentially ban the gun accessory that may have helped the Las Vegas shooter kill even more people.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Bump Stocks are legal and they do not actually alter firearms to fire automatically.

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