Local earthquake experts say 'now' is the time to get prepared


A 7.1 magnitude earthquake in central Mexico has local experts sounding off on the importance of being prepared here at home.

William Krugh, assistant professor of geology at California State University, Bakersfield, said there is a high probability that we will see the big quake in Southern California in the next 30 years.

"A similar magnitude earthquake 7.1 or larger is possible here in this region on the San Andres Fault. It has happened in the past, so the possibility is there and likely in the future," he said.

Krugh urged people to plan for the worst.

"... do I have all the material to sustain myself for three days until help can arrive?" said Krugh, posing a question he believes others should ask themselves.

Thousands of earthquakes happen throughout the United States weekly, and hundreds here in California. Many of them are so small they go unnoticed.

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