Local pot shops may be criminally charged for operations

A Bakersfield, Calif., marijuana dispensary is seen Nov. 8, 2017. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Monday, officers and detectives of the Bakersfield Police Department served search warrants at six marijuana dispensaries.

Eight misdemeanor arrests were made and a gun, cash and drugs were seized.

Richard Iger, deputy city attorney, said he believes this effort will keep pot shops closed for good.

"I think, too, because it has a criminal charge attached to it, which is different than what we have done in the past, we have tried only going the civil route, when that was not getting the point, we had to turn the corner and start doing some of these criminally," said Iger.

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Alex Sanchez, bud tender at a dispensary called Bombay, has been in the medical cannabis community for the past two years and does not agree with the pot shop shutdowns.

"I believe for one it is detrimental to the cannabis community," Sanchez said. "It is also detrimental to Bakersfield. It is costing us millions of tax dollars now. In doing these so-called raids it is also taking people's jobs away that are just trying to make a living."

Sanchez said it is only going to make acquiring marijuana riskier.

"Without shops being around, you will not have such a safe and familiar place to come to, to buy your products," he said.

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