Local restaurant testing out paper straws

Jake's Tex-Mex Cafe tries out paper straws as a way to get ahead of possible plastic straw ban. (KBAK/KBFX photo)

Jake's Tex-Mex Cafe is testing out paper straws to get ahead of a potential plastic straw ban.

However, over the past two weeks, owner Sarah Price says she's received more negative comment cards than ever before.

"Since the paper straws have come, I've probably had 30-plus in the last two weeks, which is way more over one issue, and all are surrounding the paper straws," Price says.

Price says the biggest complaint is the way they feel and how quickly they dissolve in people's drinks.

One person writes, "New paper straws may be green, but they ruin the drink."

For Price, she says if a ban is issued, they'll have to keep straws behind the counter, which will change the way restaurants like Jake's Tex-Mex are run.

"It's going to force our customers to have to ask for a straw every time they get a drink, which is unusual," she says. "It's one more thing they have to ask our employees for, and most people don't want to be bothered with those things. When they come in, they want to get in and out."

While the price for paper straws is similar to plastic straws, Price says if a ban is issued, she'll most likely consider switching to bamboo or wood straws, even though they're more expensive.

"We are in the service industry, and so we want to provide the best opportunity for our customers to have a great experience, and if it's something like a paper straw that's going to ruin that, there's a concern there for us," says Price.

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